Roughness measurement on the shop floor

Roughness measurement on the shop floor

It is a problem to measure the surface roughness in-line using conventional measurement devices. These are designed to be used in the measurement room and are therefore not really suited for a rough environment on one hand due to their inherent dirt and vibration sensitivity and on the other hand because they are not very flexible and awkwardly to operate resulting in too long measurement times. Automating the gauge doesn’t really help.

The BMT MiniProfiler is the key component of a new concept for an in-line roughness measurement meeting the requirements for a 100% control, short measurement cycles, and immunity towards the harsh production conditions. At the same time it is highly cost effective.

In a separate paragraph we described the flexible roughness measurement philosophy using a robot. This is a forward-looking technology, offering considerable cost savings and unsurpassed flexibility.

Another way is the measurement of the surface roughness and microstructure of the functional faces of cylinders (from a lawn mower to a car engine) and liners using multiple pickups. Depending on the cylinder size several of the pickups can simultaneously dive into the cylinder bore and perform measurements at different locations. 100% controls during the line cycle are possible and such units have been set up at several sites of our customers. The measurement machine is located directly after the honing tool and the trends of the Rk parameters are seen immediately. The simultaneous documentation of the measurement values protects the manufacturer in case of engine problems.

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