Measuring surface parameters is done at Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH with different technics:

  1. tactile (MiniProfiler)
  2. optic, interferometric (white light interferometer)
  3. optic, scanning





Surface topography measurements

Roughness, flatness, waviness, chatter marks, thickness and surface topography measurements on custom specific workpieces. Single or series measurements with evaluation of the results.

Lead measurement

Measurement of lead structures of sealing surfaces of shafts. Evaluation of the data with protocol (Daimler 2008 specification). Calculation of lead parameters. Standard, micro and nano lead evaluation using stylus and optical methods. Chatter marks measurement and evaluation (BZR parameter).

Surface structure analysis

Rauheitsmessung in der Produktion

Roughness measurement on the shop floor

It is a problem to measure the surface roughness in-line using conventional measurement devices. These are designed to be used in the measurement room and are therefore not really suited for a rough environment on one hand due to their inherent dirt and vibration sensitivity and on the other hand because they are not very flexible and awkwardly to operate resulting in too long measurement times. Automating the gauge doesn’t really help.