Stylus Control Instrument


Microscope for the visual control of the stylus tip of roughness pickups and for the thickness measurement of thin wires

Stylus Control InstrumentIn order to obtain correct roughness parameters according to the standards it is obviously important to stick during the measurement to the criteria as set in the standards. The recommended stylus tip radius became smaller and smaller during the past decades and is nowadays at 2 µm.

So far the standards don’t request a control of the stylus tip. Possibly this may change sooner or later. Irrespective of this it goes without saying that the proper functioning of the measurement device is a prerequisite for the calculation of exact roughness values. This holds in especially for the stylus. It is the first member in the measurement chain and exposed most strongly to wear, careless handling and chip brake off. Without being sure that the tip is ok it means eyewash to talk about a measurement according to the standards or confirm a measurement capability.

The Styco microscope was designed specifically for the easy and precise stylus tip control. Besides the optical control of the tip also the tip radius can be determined within the limits of an optical instrument.

Due to a flexible fixture all commercially available pickups or stylus levers can be accommodated by the instrument.


Data sheet

Stylus Control Instrument

Data sheet: Stylus Control Instrument.pdf

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