New philosophy of roughness measurement in a production environment

The current situation of surface roughness measurement can be categorised in two groups; on one hand the small hand-operated instruments having simple evaluation features and a skid and on the other hand large roughness instruments with proper stands being used in the measurement room. Optical methods are not established in engineering since the standards refer to stylus instruments and in addition the conditions in production are unfavourable for optics due to vibration and dirt. A first example for an optical roughness measurement refers to fine ground surfaces using light scattering or speckle contrast..

BMT has been developing during the past years stylus based skidless miniature roughness measuring devices of matchbox size. This small volume incorporates both the drive and the electronics. A USB interface enables easy connectivity to a PC. These small devices open up entirely new ways for the roughness measurement at so far inaccessible locations but above all for in-line use. As an example one can operate several of these instruments simultaneously inside an engine cylinder enabling 100% controls in the given cycle times..

For the first time we could integrate these roughness devices into the measurement run of a CMM. In this case the pick up is controlled via Bluetooth and operates from a battery. The device is treated as all other exchange probes and rests in the magazine when not in use.

Equally innovative is the combination roughness instrument – robot due to it’s unique flexibility.

By this new philosophy of roughness measurement enormous cost savings in the quality control are possible and at the same time an extended spectrum of measurement possibilities are given.

We will be pleased to support you with our new instruments with the help of which you will make your quality control considerably more cost effective than when using conventional technology.

Roughness measurement on a brake disk Magazine for mini roughness measurement devices
Roughness measurement on a brake disk Magazine for mini roughness measurement devices
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