Innovative Automotive Quality Insurance Measurement Tools

In order to adapt the quality control requirements in the automotive industry to the current technological challenges constantly new measurement methods are necessary. Each new Euro exhaust gas standard poses increased requirements onto the friction partners of an engine. The oil retaining volume needs to be reduced whcih requires a control of the pore size and pore density. The evaluation of honing structures needs to be extended to 3D surface profile files and at last 100% controls are more important than ever. Finally all new quality control devices need to be cost effective.

Due to it's innovative instruments BMT has a large market share regarding new measurement methods for the characterisation of honed surfaces both for their visual assessment as well as for the optical area measurement.

The tactile miniature roughness measuring devices open up new possibilities for in-line quality control. With this miniature instrument one can for the first time perform roughness measurements with a CMM and also with a robot.

The optical BMT surface scanners for both cyliners/liners and pistons produce highly resolved surface images independent on the workpiece size and are very flexible instruments.

We will be pleased to inform you about our new devices which help you to make your quality control efforts more cost effective than when using conventional metrology.

Roughness measurement on crankshaft bearing

Roughness measurement on crankshaft bearing

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